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Real Counters Ltd. has been in business for well over a decade and has today become a major competitor in the construction industry. There are hundreds of clients considering improving their homes and investing in their assets, imagine you are one of those individuals, and are considering renovating your house or commercial property; while thinking of all the things which you would like to change, you slowly begin to think of the headaches and stress involved in dealing with dozens of different tradesmen and skilled professionals, the countless hours spent making calls, visiting offices up and down the city—those thoughts alone are enough to make you reconsider. Where we step in: Real Counters Ltd. eliminates that stress. Our company handles the entire project; we meet with our clients, find out what they want, how fast and by working with their budgets are able to complete projects successfully. Our clients find that the ease of having to deal with only one company has simplified the process exponentially; it has helped us build trusted relationships with each client. It goes without question, knowing your home and project is in the hands of certified and trusted professionals can make your dream projects into a stress free reality. We are in competition with no one; because no one can do what we can do.

CEO : Anwar Paracha

Anwar Paracha has worked hard to bring a dream to reality. With a strong military background of over 15 years, he understands the principles discipline and hard work required to succeed and survive in today’s competitive markets. With a strong and perfectionist personality, he established a system which ensures each job is handled at the utmost professional level and that each clients need is personally addressed as it is brought forward. By developing this company, he entrusted the fundamental values of family along with its structure into the core of this corporation, resulting in each home and client being treated personally and thoroughly, just as if they were family.

CFO: Jamila Paracha

Jamila Paracha is the primary support behind Anwar’s success. It is only with her help that the company is what it is today. Being classified as a modern day super-woman would be an understatement for her. She handles everything from the walk-in clients, as well as arranging meetings with builders and proposals to those interested in working with the company, running the show side by side with Anwar, all while being a full time mother to her children. Her strong belief in family structure, let anyone who chooses Real Counters honestly feel that they are working with the best of the best in the industry, and that their homes and jobs are in great hands.

GM: Naila Paracha

Naila Paracha is the youngest daughter of Anwar and Jamila, she has been working with the family business since she was old enough to start her first job. Her role in the company serves as the wiring to the system. Everything and anything Real Counters related is where her role fits, from sales, marketing, organizational, inventory and even the financial and legal side of the corporation are handled by Naila. Handling the day to day routine alongside the larger scope of things such as commercial quoting and crushing the competition by doing the things others cannot do, always finding new ways for the company to branch out and excel

R.E.A.L Construction Group: Shahbaz Paracha

Shahbaz Paracha is the CEO of umbrella company “R.E.A.L Construction Group” (relationships, efficiency, affordability, luxury). His role serves as the primary and most common face for clients who wish to do a little bit more than the usual person in their homes/ sites. Shahbaz is the go-to face for anyone who wants to do something show-stopper worthy. From residential to commercial, there is no limit to what he cannot do. with over 15 crews on road and in house specializing in graphic design, zoning permits, electrical, plumbing, and building, demolition, tiling, and cabinetry, wood-working— the list is endless. If you have a need: he is the guy, he is the future of the corporation and taking the construction industry as a whole and putting a new meaning to the word efficiency and entrepreneurship.

Our motto is simple, we makes lives easier, houses into homes and provide you with the ease, luxury and superior service you deserve.